Sunday, February 19, 2012

New BFFs

Boise had THREE pres nominees in one week! Which is super great because Idaho is usually not on anyone's radar. But this year, since Idaho is doing a caucus now, we're getting some attention! Santorum, Paul, and Romney all showed up. Gingrich, where you at? We went to see all three and enjoyed seeing the difference between the crowds at each rally. Kinda funny.

So on Valentine's day we hung out with romantic right? Trev had to go for his job, but we would have gone anyway. It's really fun with Trevor having this job, because I feel so important wherever we go. For instance, we got to skip to the front of the line and go to a meet and greet with only 50 other people. Santorum talked with us and answered questions then posed for pictures. He was much more likable here than in the debates, not so skittish, no offence Santorum.
Crowd: He got a huge turn out. It was mainly an older crowd.

Friday Romney came. We didn't get any special treatment at this one. Well, I guess only I did not get special treatment, Trevor got to stand with the TV crews while I had to be in the crowd with the common folk...JK. The picture above was the best picture I could get. That lady kept her sign up THE WHOLE TIME!!
Crowd: Mainly young couples with their young kids. It was a smaller crowd, but it was in the middle of the day. It was still more than the last time he came.

Yesterday was Ron Paul. We got a little bit of special treatment for this one. Seats right up in the front. He was kinda funny - he was having mic problems but they were able to solve the problem quickly. He then said, "Good thing they got that figured out or we would have come up with some sort of conspiracy theory." I like it when people can make fun of themselves.
Crowd: Roudy! Hoopin and hollerin. People of all ages, but a lot of young adults. And a lot of long hair ;)

Sooooo if you're in Idaho don't forget about the caucus March 6th!! If you have any questions - ask Trevor :) Or you can ask me and then I'll ask Trevor.


  1. COOL!!!! Trevor is so polital and professional. Thats all so cool!

  2. I love the crowd evaluation :)

  3. Really cool! I would love to watch the candidates at a rally vs. a debate. To bad no one cares about CT either.

  4. you guys are so presidential!!! living the good life. and yes, i love that you commented on each crowd. i think i'd fit in with ron paul but... who knows

  5. Karlito ThorpeFebruary 20, 2012

    You should have collected DNA from all of them, so you could create a super-GOP candidate.

  6. Rick and I were super excited that THE Lindsey Duhon took a picture with us.