Saturday, March 31, 2012

March 31

Today was a good day.

It started out with an early morning hot yoga sesh that kicked my butt. It was a teacher I hadn't had before and she played Zeppelin and Hendrix throughout the class! Loved it. What a way to wake up!

Came out of class and the sun was SHINING!!! It's been raining all week and I was aching for some vitamin D. So we left the windows of our house open all day long and now our house is full of good chi!

Then conference was wonderful as always. During the first session I started a painting (once it's done I'll post pictures) and for the second session I cut Trevor's hair...I listen a lot better when my hands are busy.

To release the wiggles between sessions we ran to the park and flew our kite! Of course as soon as we got to the park the breeze disappeared. So our kite flying was brief but it did the job.

I just felt uplifted in every way today - spiritually, physically, and emotionally. And tomorrow will probably be just as good :]


  1. you are the cutest!!! hot yoga? best. i can't wait to see your painting!! and of course you guys fly kites! the cutest/best ever.

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