Sunday, May 27, 2012

Back in Idaho

Phew! Got back from Oregon just in time to give a talk at church. I actually really enjoyed giving a talk this time because I got to speak with Trevor. And since our talks went hand in hand (The Apostasy and The Restoration) we prepared our talks together, which was really fun. Poor Trevor though, he's had to study like crazy and prepare a talk at the same time.

Oregon was nice. Cold and rainy but still so great to see my Dad and other family members. I haven't gone on a road trip by myself for a long I broke out all of my old, favorite CDs and sang as loud as I could the WHOLE DRIVE. My voice was gone by the time I reached my destination. Felt good :)

Pretty garden that my Aunt Mary volunteers at.

My cousin Emily and Grandma Susie.

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  1. Glad that you traveled safely. My kids are studying for finals, and they both had to talk on Sunday, too, so they feel your pain : )