Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Roller Derby!

Boise Idaho Roller Derby
Boise Idaho Roller Derby
Have you seen the movie Whip It? We really like it. So when we found out there was a Roller Derby team here in Boise, we HAD to go...it only took us a year but we finally made it. It was so fun!

It's kind of hard to take Roller Derby seriously since there's so many gimmicks - silly nicknames and crazy outfits - but it's actually a very interesting sport. I used to think it was just skating around in circles while mindlessly hitting people, but surprisingly there is strategy involved and a lot of rules, more than you would think there would be. And now, I kind of want to join a team! I think I would make a good Jammer. Probably won't happen, but it looks fun.

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  1. COOL! but i will not let you join one... i think you'd have 2 broken arms the first time you did it :)