Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Summer Break

We spent 10 days in Virginia, and loved every minute of it...except the part in New Jersey. Our flight was canceled, the baggage claim office was closed so we couldn't get our carry on bags - which they MADE us check as we boarded the plane, then we couldn't get back through security(we knew it would happen but wanted our bags!!), so we got to sleep on the cold, yucky chairs. This is the 3rd airport we've slept in..but at least the other airports had carpet on the outside of security...Ug...

Other then that, our trip was great! We had a lot of fun with these two girls. I know this pic is fuzzy, but their posing is perfect.

We also went to the Black Friar, which is re-creation of Shakespeare's original indoor theatre. We saw Two Gentlemen of Verona. Loved it.

Richmond's fine art museum. There was a crazy rain storm, the power went out and the emergency doors quickly closed. We kinda felt like we were in a movie and we had to quickly jump through the closing doors or die.

A cute town.

And then we went to an Edgar Allen Poe museum. It turned out kind of ghetto. And it felt like they were grasping at straws for things to connect to Poe. They had pictures hanging up of people who knew Poe for maybe 5 minutes. It was still fun :]

Then we went on a nice long hike. I think it was 7 miles. Which doesn't seem long, but it was steep and humid! Boy is it humid there. It was a really fun hike with a lot big rocks to climb. And it was so beautiful!

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  1. i feel your pain on the airport--that's happened to us before and it is the WORST!! virginia looked so fun &that little blondie with the belly is so cute!! oh and that pic of you on that street in your blazer?!!!! you are one HOT MAMA!!!!!!