Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Boy or Girl?

girl. girl. girl. girl. girl. girl. girl. girl. girl. girl. girl. girl. girl.

Woah. We're both still shocked. To tell you the truth, I think we would have been just as shocked if it were a boy. So, to celebrate the news we broke out the ol' sparkling cider that we got for free on our honeymoon...it's probably fermented by now.

Doesn't she look JUST like me?

The image of the front of the face is creepy. It looks very similar to Frank from Donny Darko. No joke.

This was our first ultrasound and we both found it so exciting to actually see our kid. Technology can be so cool sometimes. Our baby was wiggling and kicking a lot, like usual, but luckily we were able to get some pictures! The technician said everything was there and accounted for. Though, it looks like my due date is a little later than we thought. I'm guessing the next time I see my midwife she'll give me a new date? I'll let you know.


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  2. You're messed up. Now I will be thinking of that picture every time I think of my precious little neice. NICE.


  3. I want to see the picture closer! And not the donny darko one ;)

  4. haha. i'm laughing so hard right now. i was thinking the same thing of our boys face in the ultrasound. ryan kept telling me not to say that about our son but it's true, the face looked creepy!!!!!!! haha. congrats on the girl.

  5. Super hoping your girl looks nothing like that! I thought someone hacked you when I first saw it! So happy for you three! Answered my own question about the due date :)