Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Traveling Woes

Since we were planning on flying out to VA for Christmas, we thought we might as well squeeze in a Babymoon along the way! We spent a lot of time trying to figure out the cheapest way for us to fly to Orlando, go on a cruise, fly to VA, then fly back to Idaho. Everything back-to-back since we had a limited amount of time. We finally agreed on a plan, bought all 3 plane tickets, then called in to book our cruise and found that if you're 25 weeks pregnant at disembarkation, then they will not allow you on the boat. And I will be 25 weeks and FIVE DAYS!!! I'd be just five days past the date. UGGG. I still can't believe the bad luck! We thought about not telling them I'm pregnant till I get there, but you have to have a Doctor's note too. Now we have all these plane tickets and no where to go!

But...since it's Thanksgiving, time to give thanks, I should say that I'm thankful for crazy/unexpected setbacks. Who knows, maybe something would have gone wrong on the cruise? I'm sure it's for the best. We're now speedily trying to make those plane tickets work. Maybe just chill in Orlando for a few days? We shall see...


  1. Chill in Orlando!!! Sorry you couldn't go on a cruise... but get a hotel on the beach and read books and eat yummy food all day. Sounds like a wonderful babymoon to me! Hope you guys work something out that makes you happy. XO

  2. Bummer - sorry your plans didn't work out, but I'm sure you'll still have a great time hanging out with your hubby!

  3. Definitely chill in Orlando. Kind of stinks that you won't be able to do amusement park rides (Wizarding World of Harry Potter!!!), but when you think of the money you'll save by not going on the cruise, maybe buying the pass and just drinking butter beer would be okay.