Tuesday, January 29, 2013

32 Weeks

Last night we went to a prenatal breastfeeding class. I lost count of all the different tatas we saw – a lot. We both found the class very interesting and helpful. Women's bodies are so amazing! I'm already in awe at what it's done so far.

I have good news - I'm now actually really looking forward to the birth! Not just to finally meet her face to face, but for the actual birth experience too! I've always wanted to do an out-of-hospital natural birth, but also liked the idea of having medication as a backup. But the midwife center here does not offer any drugs, so I've been kinda nervous. So to prepare for the birth, I've been doing the Hypnobabies home study course. It's a series of tracks, 30 minutes each, and you listen to a specific one each day with your eyes closed. Essentially, you're learning how to hypnotize yourself to help you deal with the discomfort (pain) on the birth day (labor). There are certain words you aren't supposed to use like pain and labor and contractions because of the negative feelings/thoughts associated with them. There's also a second track that I have to listen to every single day - "Joyful Affirmations". It has tons of positive phrases like "I trust my body" "I love to eat well for myself and my baby" "I deserve to have a beautiful, easy birth. And I will" etc. Anyway, kind of sounds like brain washing, huh? But I see it more as positive thinking! And I think it's really paid off because I'm not scared at all now. '’m really looking forward to it now.

I'm sure some of you are thinking, "She's crazy." If you're curious, then you should go to YouTube and look up Hypnobabies births. They're all so peaceful!

I'm so grateful that Trevor has been so supportive through the whole pregnancy. He's on board with all of it, even water birthing (I can remember 5 years ago him rolling his eyes at me when I mentioned it). He's a little skeptical on the Hypnobabies. A little "too fruity" he says, but he's still a good sport.


  1. Linds! I'm totally on board with you! I'm fascinated with Hypnobirthing, in fact I just read the book "Gentle Birth" and looooved it. There's a birthing center out here that I'm planning on using for water birth- when the time comes (113- hold your horses!). My L&D rotations got me really interested in what kind of birth I want to have. And an intervention one wasn't it. Hope everything goes well for you! I'll be hounding you with questions eventually.

    PS- you look great.

  2. Hey girl! You cannot be 32 weeks along!? You look awesome. I read hypnobabies and found it super helpful for both of my births. Mostly it just helped me be calm, confident, and I felt really in control. Just wanted to give you a big vote of confidence. So excited for you, you will be great. Good luck!

  3. 32 weeks! I thought you just got prego? I can't wait to see what a little Thorpe baby looks like. I'm glad I didn't go natural with Finn because he came out face up. Maybe with the next baby. You can give me tips :)

  4. Yipee!!1 I am so excited for you. I love Hypnobabies as well and you will do amazing! For our next baby we are planning a home birth and I would love for it to be a water birth! Sending love and TONS of positive birthing energy your way!