Saturday, January 26, 2013

Nice, Long Weekend

We spent a nice, long weekend with the whole gang in Rupert! The long weekend was definitely needed, but so was the family time.

There was a lot of snow, so we spent a few days playing in it. Atlas has only lived in San Fran and Texas, so this was his first real experience with snow. And it's always fun to be involved with someone's first time with anything.

We also celebrated a birthday! Atlas helped Bubba make and decorate the cupcakes, and was very careful as he put 1 sprinkle on at a time. (The bandanna was to cover his bad cough).

Trevor and I got Atlas a fireman hat. At first, he was less than enthused about it. When he opened the present, he was so confused. "It's a hat?" As in, "Why would anyone give a hat for a present??!?" But I think he ended up really liking it. There ended up being dozens of make believe fires that weekend. I was on fire at least 10 times. He'd put the fire out then drag you to the hospital.

Modeling the shirts I doodled for them. I've never drawn on fabric before, but I really like how they both turned out!

We also had a Last Twinkie Party. I couldn't get a great picture of everyone, so I used the most ridiculous one. To be fair :)

We had to get a picture of All FIVE girls. Urban is so worried here.

We had such a nice time. Being with the kiddos was fun, and being with Baby Urban made us even more excited to have our own baby soon!

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  1. Maybe you should spend your spare time making doodle tees because those are cuuuute! How fun to see everyone together.