Sunday, January 13, 2013

Gov's Ball

Last weekend was the Governor's Ball. Everyone gets all dressed up and partys hard core (uou know how Republicans are). I actually really enjoyed the ball this year. That might be because this time I purposely showed up late. That way Trevor could spend the first part talking and socializing with everyone that he needs to speak with, and then by the time I showed, he could spend the rest of the time with me!

The end of the night - that's why it's so empty.

The ball ended and we headed to the Young Republican's after party. This event was also better than previous years. They had poker tables set up with free poker chips and Trevor played for a bit while I watched. It started getting late and I was getting tired so he bet his whole hand so he could lose and we could leave...but then he won the whole stash! So we stayed a little bit longer. I can't believe this pregnant body was able to be out on the town partying until 1 AM! What?!


  1. You are hands down the CUTEST pregnant woman ever. Seriously. I do not say that to everyone either. Promise. That bump! & it's lookin' so chic in that black gown. Pretty Mama! XO

  2. umm HI MOST BEAUTIFUL CUTEST EVER PREGNANT LADY IN THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! you are the cutest ever ever ever. i love you in this. this is the picture i want to carry in my head because you are the cutest. and it looks like you had a "ball" ;)