Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Work Outs

Do you know what's boring - prenatal work out videos. BORING! Is it really a work out if you just sit there and then slowly raise your arm three times? I'm not so sure it counts. At the beginning of the pregnancy I tried a few prenatal workouts because I was worried about doing something that could hurt the baby or getting my heart rate too high. But then after talking to my midwife, she assured me that I could continue with my regular workouts and to just listen to my body instead of track my heart rate.

So that's what I've tried to do. Over time I have had to slow down my pace a bit, but that's quite alright. The great thing is, since I weigh more now, even though I'm going slower I burn more calories than when I used to go fast!! Which makes me feel like I've worked really hard. But then the next morning when I weigh myself, I'm that much heavier! Which is okay by me because that means my baby's growing strong!

Maybe soon I'll have to start this class. Could be interesting.


  1. Yeah, I was scared too, to workout with Averee, but then when I had her I felt it was even harder to loose the baby fat. But, with Rixon I workout till the last month, then I went on walks. But, I was amazed how better this last pregnancy and delivery went, compared to my first. I just followed what my Drs said, and what my body told me.

  2. You are so good :) You were in my dream last night! We were all getting together to celebrate you &the baby and I got you a big package of these sugary candy drink things, kind of anti-climatic, i know but that's all i remember. I'm so proud of you and excited for you!!!! That's so smart to take a prenatal breastfeeding class. Does the hospital offer it? It's good to be aware of potential issues and things that could set you back on your get started so you can be that much more committed to working through them and not giving up if things don't go perfectly. I know you'll do great!!

  3. hilarious! let me know if you sign up and how it goes. :)