Wednesday, February 27, 2013


36 weeks. Almost full term!

I haven't posted for awhile because we've been so busy! Just trying to get everything ready. And I've still got a long list of "Things to do Before Baby Comes" I've also been busy with work. This time of the year is the busiest time at work for me anyway, with multiple big projects going on. But then you add prepping for a 12 week maternity leave, and it makes me EXTRA busy. I've been working hard to have certain things done ahead of time, like 3 separate print ads all lined up...which has really pushed me. But in a good way :) And then, once I come back from my leave, I'm just going to work 30hrs/week! I think that will be perfect. I'm very grateful that I get to work from home with such a great company that's willing to work with a new mom.

This weekend my sweet friend Stephanie threw me a baby shower. It was so much fun. I loved it. Yummy food, fun games, and good company. Then there's all of the adorable outfits and cute little toys. Plus the Ooohing and Awwwing! And the greatest part was that my mom was able to come up for it and stayed the whole weekend with me. Just me. Trevor was out of town for work. So it was an all out girls/baby weekend! I'm kicking myself for not getting at least ONE picture of the shower OR of the time with my mom. I guess I was able to capture this part of the weekend, us getting fat:

This little baby's got her cravings. What can I say.


  1. hahaha. Love the last picture.
    ANNNNND you are absolutely beautiful. Seriously. So pretty. Love it. Perfect baby picture. Love the hair and belly. Oh and the rest of you too. <3. Can't believe you are 36 weeks. Miss you so much.

  2. You are so cute! I can't believe you about to have a baby! Looks like you had a delicious weekend :) I can't wait to see your beautiful baby's little face.

  3. you are so beautiful. i love you. motherhood will only amplify &increase your beauty a million times!

  4. Pregnant you is so great.