Sunday, June 30, 2013


Rosie sleeps wonderfully at night, but her day time naps are a whole nother story. This past month she has only been taking 30-45 minute naps. AND THAT'S IT! It's tough on me because it means I can't get anything done and it's tough on Rosie because she's always tired! I watch the monitor intently for the slightest movement then run to her to pat her bum back to sleep. That's worked maybe 5 times. But even though she's so sleepy, she's still the sweetest little thing. Smiles for days.

I've read multiple sleep books and blogs, and finally just decided to throw it all out the window and just go with the flow...and this last week things have actually started to look better. This week she had multiple naps that lasted longer than 45 minutes! I felt like I had been gifted 100 extra hours. I got SO much done and was even able to relax a bit.

We're now just taking one nap at a time, trying not to stress over it, and ignoring the experts. If you want a laugh read THIS – it's exactly how I was feeling during my sleep research.

She seriously laid in this position for at least five minutes. I thought the monitor was frozen.

But most of the time she falls asleep with her arm on her face. Whatever works I guess.

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  1. That article was hilarious! Loved it. And thats totally how I felt too. Once we decided to just do what we were comfortable with, letting Atlas sleep with us, we were all just so much happier! And its happened with so many other parenting decisions too. Oh and Rosie looks beautiful in that fancy Nordstrom nightgown! <3