Tuesday, July 23, 2013

4 month old fingers

Rosie's a thumb sucker. Well, more like a finger sucker. She doesn't discriminate against her other fingers, or her whole hand for that matter. Sometimes we'll look over and she'll have both hands in her mouth. Other times we hear her gagging because she's got her fingers wayyyyy back there. Just recently has she begun sucking just her thumb. But when she does, she sticks all of her fingers straight out, like the picture above. But for the most part, she seems to favor the ring and middle finger combo.

We didn't want her to be a thumb sucker just because we then couldn't control it like we could a pacifier, but she just will NOT take a pacifier, she just plays with it in her mouth. So I have to stay on top of clipping her nails (which I hate) otherwise she scratches her face and the roof of her mouth. Poor thing.

But this picture tops all of the other pictures. She's a multitasker. Hitting two birds with one stone. I laugh every time I look at it. This has become a common pose. 


  1. That is so funny! What a little cutie pie. My kids never took pacifiers either so they are thumb suckers. It makes me a little nervous because my sister sucked her thumb until she was 9 and had to have a device put in her mouth to make her stop, haha. Neither of my kids were good eaters in the beginning so I didn't try a pacifier until it was too late. I think you have to start them in the first week or they just won't do it. I love seeing pictures of little Rosie. She just seems so chill and sweet...not to mention talented.

  2. I've only seen one other baby do the sucking and nose picking at the same time. Rare talent she has. And her little Mohawk she has going on. So cute!!!!

  3. Ahh!! Laughing out loud right now! But seriously, her eyes..!!! I think this may be the best you have captured her eyes....good thing she has such a beautiful pose for this moment :D

  4. I still can't get over how sweet she is, even with her finger in her nose!