Sunday, October 27, 2013

Two Weekends Ago

Two weekends ago the Jazz and Blazers played in Boise. So we of course HAD to go. Well, Trevor HAD to go, and so I tagged along.

At the half, Trevor stood in line to high-five all of the players and try to smack their bottoms (his words). He was the oldest guy in line. I think the next oldest was maybe 13? It was cute.

And then we had company! Trevor's cousin Alyssa and her husband Patrick came down from Portland and we LOVED having them.

This fall has been so beautiful with perfect weather - a comfortable 70 degrees, so we spent a good amount of time relaxing outside.

We live a little bit up from a beautiful/cool street. Fun houses with lovely porches and big trees. So on Sunday we all strolled the street while discussing which homes we would like to live in. One thing we all agreed on is that we don't want large stone lions in front of our homes...pretentious much?

And to end the weekend off right, we played Settlers of Catan until 3AM!!! I then went to feed Rosie, planning to come back to the game, but instead zonked out while everyone else played until 4AM!!!! It was the first time Trev and I had played and it was surprisingly addicting. I seriously have NO idea how I used to do all-nighters back in the day. Ug, the next morning was so awful. I can only imagine how awful a hangover would be!


  1. I LOVE TREVOR'S FACE IN THAT PHOTO. He can't hide his excitement to "smack their bottoms". I love it so much. He looks like a 13 year old. It is precious and my laughter could easily turn to sentimental tears.

  2. Years ago, when the house was owned by someone else, the stone lions dressed up for the holidays. It was kind of cute. Now, they just sit there looking . . . well . . . looking pretentious. The street gets SUPER BUSY on Halloween, because all of the greediest little kids come to the "rich" houses to trick or treat.