Saturday, November 2, 2013


We had such a good time this Halloween. We enjoy Halloween every year, but everything's just better with Rosie. We dressed up as E.T. characters. Trev - Elliot, Rosie - E.T. Me - Gertie. It was Trevor's idea. I love dressing up for Halloween, but I just wasn't in the mood for it this year, just seemed like too much work. But Trevor really wanted to do it, so I figured why not. We wore it to our Ward Halloween party last weekend and it was a hit. Everyone kept taking pictures. Mainly of Rosie. We then walked around through the trick or treating rooms, which were dimly lit, and some of the youth thought Rosie was some sort of fake alien doll. So when she MOVED it freaked them out. I kept hearing, "is that real?" Yes. My baby is real.

The day of Halloween we dressed up and hit the town. First stop - Chipotle. They had the $3-BOO-rito-if-you-wear-a-costume deal. We've gone the last three years. You can see those trips here and here. We joked how Chipotle on Halloween is now a family tradition and our kids are going to grow up thinking that they can't go trick-or-treating until after we stop at Chipotle.

She seriously loved sitting in this basket. I now want to bring it every where we go now because she'll happily sit in it all night.

After dinner, we hit up Harrison Blvd, the same street I talked about in the last blog post. This street goes ALL OUT on Halloween! All of the houses were decked out and everyone in Boise showed up for it. It was like a carnival. One house had fire dancers on their yard, another house had a fun little back drop so you could take pictures with, one corner had cops with their car lights flashing handing out candy from their trunks, there were multiple news crews up and down the street, smoke machines, it was so much fun!

I also liked seeing all of the cute costumes and all of the excited kids. It made me excited to take our own kids trick-or-treating in the future. We got stopped a couple times so people could take pictures of Rosie. I'm just glad people got the costume. At Chipotle, one girl asked if Rosie was supposed to be the baby Jesus in a manger. Hm.

I tried to get pictures to show you all how cool this street was, but it was too dark for my phone, so I found these photos online.
credit: Idaho Statesman
credit: Idaho Statesman

Hope everyone's Halloween was merry and bright!

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  1. That last pumpkin picture was amazing!!!!! I felt the same way this year. It felt like so much work (my original idea was to make a Dorothy and tin man costume for Dan and I). I ended up dong something easy last minute and I'm glad I did! You guys were SO cute!!! What a good idea! She looked adorable!! Of course ;)