Monday, November 25, 2013

Eating My Words

A few things I USED to say before having a baby:

-A "family bed" sounds so weird. Let's never do that.
Well that idea went out the window as soon as we brought Rosie home. It's always been a family bed for at least half of the night but now the last few months it's gone from part-time-family-bed to full-time-family-bed and we love it. We all seem to sleep better this way. However, there are nights when Rosie's kind of a bed hog. She's tiny, but she somehow manages to take up the most room.

-We won't run to every whimper or cry.
I used to think parents who reacted to each cry were being overprotective, but when it comes to sleep, if we get there fast enough to Rosie, then we can usually keep her asleep. So yes, we now run to every cry. Sorry for judging you earlier Ariel ;)

-If our baby can't sleep we'll just let her 'cry it out'. No big deal.
Wrongo, it's actually a huge flippin' deal. We tried it for a minute and it just didn't fit right for us.

-We will never be late for church. We will never be that family.
HA! Oh, if only.

-My kid will always have a clean face in public.
This one has turned out to be harder than I anticipated. There have been a few times where I didn't notice dried squash all over Rosie's face until we're at the grocery store. Or even today at church, she had little specks of peas splattered across her face. Did I not look at her face all morning? How did that happen?

Since becoming a parent, I've had to eat my words many times. I'm sure as time goes on, that there will just be more and more words to eat.


  1. I can completely relate! Especially with the "my kid will always have a clean face in public". I seem to be always noticing stuff on Claire's face as we leave the store.

  2. HA! Huge smile across my face right now. Sweet justification! ;) jk. Things change when your own little helpless angel is crying for help and love from the only person she knows will be there for her and that person is you. Rosie is so perfect, good job momma <3. But besides personal appeal, this post is really hilarious. Your funny :D

  3. I'm still learning to never say never. Sometimes, you just have to go with your gut. You are good mommy : )

  4. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEAUTIFUL LINDSEY!!!!!!!!! I have been thinking about you all day. I love youuuu!!!!! <3 <3

  5. We sleep with Deacon too. I love it, Mckay tolerates it. He says he's always paranoid that he's gonna kook him in the head or something. The only thing I worry about is that we'll have a 1 or 2 year old who still wants to sleep in our bed... Also we tried cry it out because I want him to be able to put himself down for a nap, instead of me rocking, walking, patting, bouncing, singing etc. him to sleep- ya. That lasted about one day. I couldn't stand it.