Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Us Lately

- 9 months old
- She loves blowing raspberries and will happily do so all day long. I'll stick her in her crib for a nap and she'll just sit in there for an hour laughing and blowing raspberries.
- She calls me Mama! Or at least we're pretty sure she's talking about me. She started saying mama a couple months ago, but we figured it was just baby talk, but now it really seems like she's directing the "mama" to me! And I love it! She'll say it when she's chasing after me, when I come into the same room as her, or when she's frustrated with her daddy and she wants me ;)
- She very much dislikes sleep. She used to be a good sleeper, but now she's rotten at it. She doesn't want to fall asleep and she doesn't want to stay asleep. I've read that sleep habits can change around 9 months due to brain development (or something like that), plus I think she may be teething. Her amber necklace really has worked wonders, she's extremely happy and smiley during the day (unlike her last teething episode w/out the necklace), but I guess it's not the end all cure all.
- The speediest army crawler around. She keeps me on my toes.
- She has the best eye-sight. She can somehow spot every tiny thing in the carpet, army crawl to it, then puts it in her mouth. I swear I vacuum at least every other day!

-He's the Baby Whisperer - a title he gave himself. Somehow he can get her to fall asleep! It takes some time, and a lot of patience but he does it! Thank goodness for Trevor, the Baby Whisperer.

- Exhausted from work and my non-sleeping baby
- Turned a year older this month. 27. What?!? For some reason 27 seems soooo much older than 26. Maybe because I'm now in my "late 20's". Woah.
- On my birthday my new vacuum came in the mail! If my age doesn't prove I'm getting old, then my excitement for a new vacuum does for sure.

- We've been feeling festive this year! I think having a baby to share Christmas with has something to do with it. But being festive takes work AND money. We'd planned to buy a beautiful, green Christmas tree from the lot across the street but were SHOCKED at how much money a little, dead tree costs. So I bought the cute, fake, 2-footer above. It works perfectly for us.

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