Saturday, April 5, 2014

Us Lately

-Sick for the first time last weekend. She had a fever for a few days which made me so nervous! I think I took her temperature every 5 minutes. Turned out to be roseola. For 3 days she refused to sleep unless she was draped across our chest. It was really sweet.
-One day we found her quietly sucking on a bag of chocolate chips. She managed to somehow get a tiny, little hole in the bag and was sucking the chocolate out!

-She's a dancing fool! She busts a move whenever she hears music - whether she's sitting, crawling, or standing she'll dance. She seems to really dig Led Zeppelin and Eric Clapton, but she loooves Katy Perry's "Dark Horse". Can baby's have a favorite song? Maybe it's a coincidence, but the last few times it's been on she's paused what she was doing, stared at the speakers, then started shaking it. Ug. It's so adorable.

-She always wants Mooney with her but can't walk without assistance, so she sticks him in her mouth and just drags him around.

-Her favorite toy at the moment is a tool box. She crawls up and down from it.
-Since Rosie sleeps with us, we have the end of her crib right up to my side of the bed to create a "wall" to keep her from falling out - though it's usually me who uses it as a wall since I'm always either smashed up against it or squished in the middle between her and Trevor. We also have pillows leaning against the bed, so if she happens to get past the crib she'll fall on pillows. So one night I wake up to her whining, rush out of bed, and found her in the hallway just sitting there by herself. She somehow fell/rolled out of bed and crawled to the hallway and was sitting there waiting for someone to come get her!

He's been gone almost every weekend these last few months for "Lincoln Days" which are fundraisers that the counties here in Idaho put on. There are 44 counties and almost all of them have one. He'd go to one Friday night, then Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, and Saturday night. Most of the time he'd make it home late Saturday night, but a few times it'd be an overnighter - which I HATE!!! I get too scared and think of every bad scenario. A couple of times Rosie and I went with him. It was hilarious because I got to hold Rosie maybe 5 minutes the whole 2 hours. The rest of the time she was off with different women. Then she'd come back to me with campaign stickers stuck to her. A little walking billboard! Anyway, Rosie and I are so happy he only has a few Lincoln Days left. Phew!

-Had a nasty bout of mastitis. It was awful and the fever was intense. I had strong, teeth chattering shivers that wouldn't go away and a really high temperature. At one point it was 106*. Oops. I really was hoping that my fever would take care of the infection so I wouldn't have to take any antibiotics. I've had thrush from antibiotics before and really didn't want to get it again or give it to Rosie. Well the fever wasn't breaking so I finally went to the doctor, got the antibiotics, took lots of acidophilus and grapefruit seed extract, and we all turned out ok!
-I've been dairy free for the last 2 months and Rosie is much happier for it. She's always had tummy troubles at night, but my dairy intake was already pretty low so I really didn't think dairy was the problem. I feel bad that it took us so long to figure it out! Probably soon we'll try introducing goat cheese and then maybe trying real cheese again.

-Sleep training. We finally bit the bullet. From 0-9months Rosie was a pretty good sleeper. Naps and bedtime weren't perfect, but they went smoothly enough to keep us all happy. Then at 9 months it all went terribly, TERRIBLY wrong. We spent hours every day and night trying to bounce her to sleep. We got around 4-5 hours of sleep. We were physically and emotionally exhausted. All of that bouncing was killing our backs and making all three of us grouchy. Dealing with a newborn's sleep/feed schedule seemed easier than this. It went on for 3 months until we finally let her cry herself to sleep. It was torture but it was needed. And now we're all sleeping again! It's amaaaazing! She still wakes up once or twice to eat, but that's no biggie.
-We're all finally starting to feel well rested. Hallelujah!


  1. Thanks for the update! I'm sorry you had mastitis... I came down with it the day we took Tyler home from the NICU & it's miserable! And congrats on making it through sleep training. I tried a couple weeks ago but it was awful & I decided to wait until Matt was home to try again because I needed some support. As much as I love cuddling with Tyler at night I look forward to when he'll sleep in his crib!

  2. Thank you for a little glimpse into your wonderful life! I love you!!,! So glad the mastitis is gone. Sounds like you had it bad! I'm SO glad she's sleeping better. It really does work to cry it out. I'm glad you will be getting your husband back soon!!! Rosie is soo adorable! I love her crawli with her little toy in her mouth. :)