Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Vacay pt 2: Hood River pt 1

I'm getting behind on posts, so this is going to be a mash-up of our Oregon trip! We had a great time in Rupert together and then the fun continued in Hood River!

The fourth was spent down at the river. I've always loved being down on the boat, but now that I have a baby that can walk, and hates life jackets, it's just not as relaxing as it used to be. There was only so many places she could go and so many things she could do without walking straight into the water.

We went sailing with all of the kids one day but didn't really get any pictures because I spent most of my time wrangling a toddler in and out of her life vest. This was the 3rd vest we tried on Rosie, and as you can see it also was not one of her favorites. At least Atlas had a good time :)

Notice that Urban is buckled in.

Maybe it wasn't the best idea to take kids to a museum, but we did it anyway! The kids actually weren't too bad, and we all had a good time. Even if we received a few glares while our children jumped up and down on the hard wood floors in the quite museum rooms...oh well :)

These two obviously appreciated the art...even while upside down.

A cool Stonehenge replica.

Mike pulled out his massive collection of star wars action figures and spaceships. Who knew, right?!

We went to a free, drive-in zoo! There's a family in Washington that have a ton of land and a ton of wild animals. They have a long driveway up to their home and they let people drive up for free to see all of the animals. Rosie liked seeing all of the cool critters, but she enjoyed sitting in the front seat of the car more. Steering wheel, buttons, and knobs!

We finished the trip off with a stop at the beloved ice cream parlor. I brought a little pint of coconut ice cream for Rosie and myself to share and we let her have a little sugar cone. She was more than happy. be continued

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  1. :D hugely smiley right now. I LOVED being with you guys. So great. So refreshing <3. That pic of Urban laying on the floor of the museum with her feet on the wall is pretty perfect...