Sunday, July 20, 2014

Vacay pt 1: Rupert pt 2

This afternoon needed a post all on its own. Partly because it was so much fun and partly because I had WAY too many pictures to share. It was a hot, sunny day so Bubba filled up the kiddie pool with ice cold water. It was really cold.

Atlas - decided it was best to only get his feet wet. So he just stood in the pool the whole time squirting squirting guns.

Urban - didn't care one bit that the water was freezing. She was up, down, belly flopping, splashing. I think she could have stayed out there all night.

Rosie - she desperately wanted to be with the big kids but was still wobbly on her feet, so she happily sat in the pool sucking on the squirt guns. But since she wasn't moving her body her teeth started chattering and her lips turned blue.


  1. There are so many totally awesome shots here. They are all so funny!

  2. That's a great action shot of Trevor!