Friday, November 14, 2014

Us Lately

-Has loved nursery since day 1. And we love watching her through the window on the door. Her teachers have old us that she's a breeze in the class and that they were a little worried at first about how she would do in class since she's so little, but told us that she's feisty and won't take crap from anyone. But she's still sweet and shares with everyone :)

-Likes to point at anything and everything and say "wussat?" (what's that) Most of the time she just points to the air then moves her hand around until it lands on something.

-Can have pasteurized dairy now!!!! Well at least a little bit. We're introducing it back into her diet VERY slowly. Raw dairy is illegal here (annoying) so you have to purchase a share of the cow and none of the local farms here have any openings...I was so sad but am happy that her tummy has made progress.

-She likes to dance. Specifically spinning around and around with her eyes closed.

-If we pat her on the back while rocking her, she'll reach up and pat our shoulders back.

-Has her own tune that she hums. It's only 2 notes but she does it all of the time and it's so cute.

-loves all of her stuffed animals and dolls and thinks everyone else loves them too. At bedtime we have to give each one a kiss goodnight. Then when we go to get her in the morning, before we can take her out of her crib, she hands each one to us as if they're the reason we came in there.

-I've been really into family history lately. None of the genealogy on my dad's side has been done, so I've always felt overwhelmed to start, but after speaking with a family history buff in my ward, she calmed my nerves. "Start with just ONE person. Find everything you can about that ONE person and go from there." Baby steps! I've got a ton of work to do and it will probably be a slow process, but at least I started!

-Also Really into food storage. In Idaho we only lived a few hours from my mom and step dad, and since their food storage resembles a medium size grocery store, I never felt the need to have our own storage. But since we'll be here for a few years and then with the ebola scare, I felt the need to finally start our own. Starting our storage from scratch was also overwhelming for me and I felt the need to do a lot of research, but finally I just started and it felt great. (Again just starting was the hardest part!) There's still a lot I need to do and figure out. Like with heating, what's an alternative to heating in an emergency if you don't have a fireplace? Blankets? I don't know....

-I'm still nursing, so Rosie's diet was still my diet. So as soon as we started Rosie on regular dairy I made me some good ol' mac n' cheese. YUM!!!!!!! It was Annie's brand so that makes it healthy-ish ;)

-I don't think I've actually explained what we're doing in Virginia. We moved to Williamsburg, VA so Trevor could attend the college of William & Mary. He's getting his Masters in Business and he loves the program. There are a lot of international students in his program so they have International Nights throughout the year. The video above is of Trevor performing at one of those nights. He's a natural, right?

-He also liked not having to be involved with politics this year. Though we of course had the election coverage on all night and ended up going to bed late because of it :)

Busy, tired, sick, and happy.

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