Tuesday, January 20, 2015


We live pretty close to Bush Gardens, so right before Christmas we went with Trevor's family to Bush Garden's Christmas Town! The weather said it was going to be cold and rainy...turned out to be mostly true. Luckily it only sprinkled part of the time, but it was pretty cold! We still had a great time though. Lots of shows, kid rides, and even one roller coaster for us parents. Rosie was adorable on the rides. She's still so tiny, and could easily slide out of everything, but she thankfully stayed put on each one.

This was her very first ride. She thought it was pretty neat up until her glove came off and then that was ALL she could focus on. Each time she'd go around and pass us she'd stick her hand and glove out and say "uh-oh!"

This isn't a thrilling video, but I think it's adorable how slow the ride is.

The next day I was SICK! I got that awful flu bug, which didn't surpise me since two days before in primary 10 kids raised their hands when they asked if anyone was sick. The 4-year-old sitting next to me turned to me with his eyebrows raised and asked, "aren't you supposed to stay home when you're sick?" Ummmm YEAH! Anyway, I was stuck in bed with the flu for like 4 days and missed out on all of the Christmas activities. I thankfully felt well enough to get out of bed for Christmas morning and watch the kids open presents, but then I went straight back to bed. Bleh.

I had to wear the mask w/ my nose uncovered otherwise I'd fog up my glasses!

A couple days later Rosie also got the flu, but her case was a lot milder than mine. Just a low fever and a lot of crankiness. And I don't know how Trevor does it, but he NEVER gets sick. Anyway, even with the awful flu, the Christmas season was wonderful. A toddler definitely helps bring some magic to the season!

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  1. i have been waiting for someone to blog. And i was really hopeful that it would be me. I even went to do it one time and had no energy . . . I will be like you one day. xoxox