Friday, May 29, 2015

Just Around the River Bed

Trevor sang that song on repeat as we canoed last weekend. We felt very Pocahontasy (she's from here). I was so excited when my neighbor told me there was $5 canoe rental here! I figured even if Rosie tried to jump out of the canoe the whole trip, it would be worth it for 5 bucks. But when we got in the boat, she was surprisingly good about it all! As soon as we got in the boat, Rosie reached for an oar to start paddling - which I thought was kind of weird considering she's never seen someone paddle before! Must have been a canoe-er in another life.

Like always, she was very helpful.

But after 5 minutes she was done paddling and spent the rest of the ride hanging over the edge...safely, don't worry :)

The weather was absolutely perfect that day and we had a great time. If the humidity doesn't kill us this summer, we'll probably have to go again :)

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