Saturday, June 6, 2015


The water parks, pools, and beaches have finally opened! It's been crazy hot here the past few weeks, but they all insisted on staying closed until Memorial Day. We went to the water park here for the first time and had way too much fun. It's a typical water park, but there are little kiddie parks throughout the park, which were perfect for me since all I can do is just sit in a wading pool and chill. But Rosie's favorite part was the wave pool. When the waves first started she began screaming. We thought she was scared but she really was just laughing/screaming. She loved it. She didn't care one bit about water in her face and eyes. Occasionally her head would go all the way under and she'd come up, frown, and tap her nose (water up the nose) and then run off laughing again. Easy peasy.

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