Monday, June 21, 2010


Sundays here for us are always such a big ordeal. Last Sunday we missed the bus, had to pay 7 bucks for a taxi, then missed the bus on the way back and had to wait 3 hours in the sun. [ none of that was really our fault either, we were just misinformed on the bus schedule] Okay, so this time we planned everything out to make sure we would not miss any more busses. We wake up on time to catch the 6:30 bus to make it to our 10 o’clock church. We wait and we wait….no bus. So we decide to do what everyone else here does to get to church: hitchhike. So we start walking up the hill in our church clothes and with two heavy backpacks [we live in the mountains – so it really was an incline]. No one wanted to stop. We walked an hour and 20 mins till someone kindly picked us up! So we barely made our next bus, in Tilaran, which then took us to Canas where the church is. And we were on time!!! And looked like a mess!!

on our way to church

at least it was a beautiful morning

Now we didn’t want to miss the bus going home, so we left church 10 minutes early and ran to the bus stop. We waited and waited again…no bus. We were given wrong info again! So another 3 hour wait. But luckily the rain started to pour at that time so we were able to wash our stinky smell away! We told the missionaries our story and they told us it wasn’t worth going to church…so if the missionaries say we don’t have to go to church then that means we don’t have to go right? We’ll see.

Everything is going well. My Spanish is coming along. When we go to church it’s so hard! No one speaks any English. And then when Trevor and I have to split up for Relief Society and Priesthood it’s really sad, because then I feel totally helpless. At least in the other meetings if someone comes up to me I can just point at Trevor to answer for me. So him leaving me alone forces me to try and come up with some sort of Spanish to say. I do have one friend at church though; her name is Olga. Our relationship involves a lot of smiling and nodding to each other. But I try and throw a few words in. It is good.

We saw a sloth the other day and Trevor saw a Toucan today!


  1. Lindsey. I don't know why I love this so much. I think it is because for four months I had to do the bus thing in Boise and it honestly is not much better. I am so proud of you guys for trying SO HARD to get to church. I am picturing me accidently wearing high heels and hiking. Not good. Must have been miserable. Good luck tomororw!

  2. Think of the mileage you'll get from your "what we went through to go to church" story over the years!

  3. I've been to church a few times where I was absolutely clueless about what was said. It's still sacrament meeting, though, and I think that the effort at least every once in a while it worth it : ) You'll figure it out!