Thursday, June 17, 2010

I saw my first firefly! They're sooo cool! Trev and I were just hanging out in a hammock when I saw all these flashing lights! I had no idea they even had those things here! Pretty. Other than that, nothing too new here. We wake up at 7 every morning, eat rice and beans for breakfast, Watch the World Cup, play a game of pool, then go to work. I'm currently working on a website for the hotel and doing some social networking stuff while Trevor's doing manual labor outside. He went into the jungle and worked on a path. He said there was a monkey right above him going crazy...he was scared it was going to jump down and attack. The monkeys here get whacko sometimes. Here's one outside our bedroom

We followed him around for while. And I got some cool video too...which I'll load up soon. We don't see them all the time but once in awhile they stop by. And they're only loud when a storm is coming. It's funny. And then this is a beetle Trevor saved from a cobweb in our room.....whatever. They must have bonded because the next morning the bug was waiting for him outside our door.

The World Cup has been fun though. During some games all the workers outside will come in and watch. And they'll all call Trevor "Mexicano" since everyone knows how much Trevor loves Mexico. Which, of course, makes his day. It's fun. Hope all is well with everyone! <3

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