Saturday, June 26, 2010

Pura Vida

It was our 1 month anniversary + Trev’s bday so we decided to take a trip! We went to the Beach. Tamarindo. It was fun! We left early in the morning and took 4 different buses, which took a total of 6 hours. And even though the bus schedules here are nuts, I still really like the bus. On the bus I feel like I get to be more apart of the culture. At each stop someone will come on trying to sell you stuff, or sing songs with harmonicas and ask for money and they bless you. So its worth all the time it takes.

We got to Tamarindo at like 12 and spent the rest of the day at the beach. Warmest water ever! Soooo nice. But I’ve only got Oregon’s beach and Virginia’s beach [in January] to compare to. But yeah, I definitely prefer a warm ocean. Also, the beach has a lot of cute hermit crabs that walk back and forth. It's cute.

For Trevor’s birthday we decided to splurge a bit and bought Frosted Flakes and MILK!!! Mmmmmm. Trevor’s bowl had the biggest flake in the world. That was his birthday present.And he was very happy.

We then walked around the town a little bit. And had lunch at a French man’s place. We mainly stopped their because of the game was on.

Then we rented a surf board! Just one, since neither of us knew what we were doing. The night before we yoututbed “how to surf” You would think that would have help. It didn’t. We were terrible. Ha. It was fun trying though.

However….while we were out in the water we got robbed!!!! A guy grabbed our backpack and ran. Some guys jumped in their car to chase after the kid but all they found was our backpack lying on the ground. The kid was smart. He found the money quickly then left everything else. However he did manage to steal our brand new bag of yummy gold fish!!! Can you believe that? He not only wanted to steal our money but our FOOD TOO!! Jerk. We were both pretty bummed about the whole thing but tried not to let it get us down too much…. especially with it being Trev’s bday and all. So we kept surfing. Then went and got a milk shake to finish the day. Besides the losing our money it was a pretty good vacation from a vacation. Ha.

I thought this was so cute.


  1. AnonymousJune 28, 2010

    I miss you guys! I love your's fun to hear what's going on with you! <3

  2. Thanks for posting. Great to hear about your adventures. Love the V-neck Trev.

  3. Your blog makes me smile! I'm glad you guys have good attitudes. With the goldfish robbery, the rainy, 3 hr. bus waits and the language, it could be hard! :) Good luck with everything. Great pics! Love you guys!

  4. love the pictures! you look so cute in your fun beach hat and swimsuit (which pattern I still do not approve of...) I feel like that picture is from your honeymoon.

  5. the best!!! so jealous of you guys living the LIFE!! miss you! come visit when you get back. happy birthday trev! love you both <3

  6. p.s. you are TOO precious in your adorable suit at the restaurant. SO CUTE!!!!!