Wednesday, July 7, 2010

¿Dónde está el chocolate?

The fruit here is AMAZING. So rich and juicy. It's just not the same back in the States. We get pineapple just about every morning for breakfast. Mmmmm. Did you know it grew like this?

The first day we got here I thought it was fake, like a decoration. Ha.

Even though the fruit is tastey I still need chocolate. While packing for Costa Rica we made sure we had sunscreen and bugspray, but we forgot to pack chocolate :( I wish we had thought of buying at least 2 or 3 bags of reese's. That sounds soooo good to me right now.

I was craving sweets the other night so our friend Ada, Trev, and I made some peanut butter cookie dough and then shaped them into little bowls and then filled the middle with chocolate syrup. The before looked so tastey!

The after - not so pretty.

But it still hit the spot. And now I want some more. Or at least a reese's. Either would make me happy.


  1. Haha! Too funny :) I think I'll go have some chocolate and appreciate it even more than I usually do!

  2. theres nowhere to buy chocolate there? weird! the first time I saw how pineapple grows was at Ikea! haha. what a strange plant.....

  3. I laughed forever at that before and after pictures :) the way, this is erin but I'm signed into sarah's account

  4. i thought that pine apple was a decoration TOO!! HA! it's so funny/ridiculous looking and not what i expected out of pineapples. i could have SWORN they grew from big tall trees. oh well, i like them like that.

    i love you.