Monday, July 26, 2010


We went to the East Coast of Costa Rica to a town called Puerto Viejo. Who knew Costa Rica was a part of the Caribbean – I didn’t. It was fun seeing another culture in this small country. Lots of Bob Marley everywhere. I was glad to see that part of the country, but it really wasn’t my favorite town. It was pretty dirty, and hardly any beach. Reef everywhere, so you couldn’t really swim. And on top of that we picked the worst Hostel in town. We were super cheap this trip, so we rented a tent that had a super thin pad..and no bedding. So we pretty much just slept on a tarp, on hard wood floor, sprawled out in the heat with a party going on. I was not happy. The next morning I was ready to go back, but Trevor encouraged me to give it a little more time and see if I change my mind. We walked along the beach and found a little swimming hole right in the middle of the reef! And there were little fishies swimming with us and crabs watching. It was so nice!!! That made us both happy.

Plus we found a BETTER hostel. This time tents with nice mattresses + sheets + PILLOWS! We felt like we were in heaven!

It was a lot of fun. We just hung out at night playing rummy eating weird fruit!!!

The man on the left is some old guy with long white hair and a long white beard who hung out on the beach all day in a speedo doing yoga! Then left and came back in a different speedo and a matching headband! He was funny.

When we zoomed in we found he was looking right at us. Ooops. Not as sneaky as we thought.

These ants were huge! Trevor was fascinated by them. He took at least 30 pictures of them. He's cute.

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  1. haha! tents! I didn't know you did that. how funny/fun!