Tuesday, July 13, 2010

La Fortuna

[The famous active Volcano Arenal]

Yesterday was so fun! We decided to get out of the hotel. We woke up early and caught a 3 hour bus ride to La Fortuna. We originally were planning on staying the night so we’d have time to do everything we wanted, but once we got there we realized we would be able to fit it all in one day.

Our first adventure was the La Fortuna Waterfall – SO beautiful! But we had to take a steep hike down to get to it + we didn’t have too much time so we practically had to run down the stairs (and then again run up). And I was in flip flops the whole way. Barely survived. But it was worth it.


The water was super cold. But after a couple minutes it was really refreshing. We tried swimming as hard as we could, but we could only get that far. As soon as you got in, the water starts pushing against you like crazy.

After enjoying the view for a bit and eating muffins and saltines (our lunch) we climbed back up the stairs. And rushed to our next appointment – the ZIP LINE!

This was fun too AND we got the student discount!

It was fun being up above all the trees.

And at one point we were gliding over a river.

After wards we went out for dinner and picked up some ice cream! It was delicious!

I've never been a big ice cream fan, but I think since I'm dairy deprived I now love any type of dairy I can get. But actually, the ice cream down here is quite good.

It was the perfect finish to a great day!


  1. You guys are so cute & such the adventurers. I love it. When are you done in CR?

  2. You guys are so cool, I'm so jealous. No big deal that you can just go to a waterfall 3 hours away or zip line in the tropic or eat extra yummy ice cream :) i love you. You are too cool, end of story.