Saturday, July 10, 2010

Critters & Bugs

This trip has really calmed my fear of spiders. Whenever I see them I feel at peace - mainly because I’m crossing my fingers that they’ll catch every single rotten mosquito alive. We have a big one hanging in our bathroom corner. He’s normally really good about not moving from his spot, but lately he’s been a little adventurous and will come down a foot or two…but if he gets any funny ideas then we may need to replace him with a new spider. I always poke my head into the bathroom and make sure I know where he is before I go in. Always.

We change his name every day, but it always starts with an 'H'

So yeah the big bugs are fine…it’s the teeny tiny ones that drive me crazy. There’s these ant things that are super small that run around frantically. I can’t ever figure out what they’re doing. But they’re everywhere – on our counter, table, and walls. I won’t let Trevor put anything on our desk, or any flat surface for that matter, because otherwise they’ll be all over it! Don’t want that. At first I was determined to get rid of every single one of them, but it was starting to be all I thought of. I could tell Trevor was getting weary of my desire to end their lives, so I kind of gave up. However, every Saturday we spray down our room with Clorox and bug spray. So that way our room is always tidy and smelling chemically!

These 4 were caught outside and now live in a tank in the reception area. The 3 snakes are poisonous and the lizard is snake food? Not a very smart lizard...or snakes for that matter, because non of the snakes ate him. We eventually let the lizard go free.


  1. You should try feeding the ants corn meal if you can get it. I've heard that if you put some in the corner, the ants will try to eat it, but they can't digest it so they die. I've never tried it, but maybe it would work? Just a thought :)

  2. did you know you live in PARADISE and you are on a 3 month HONEYMOON???