Saturday, November 20, 2010

Bye Bye Boise

We love moving. So much. NOT! We’ve moved 3 times since we’ve been married – SIX MONTHS ON Monday! WOAH – and the whole time we’ve been living out of our suitcases! YUCK! But yeah, moving was a bummer, as usual. I got sick the night before and then the Uhaul trailer we planned to rent ended up not being a possibility. Meaning we now had no way to get all of our stuff to Rupert. But luckily we had an awesome manager who let us leave whatever we couldn’t fit in our car in the apartment. So we’re in Rupert now, we’ll be driving to Hood River for Thanksgiving and then on the way back we’ll pick up the rest of our stuff! Turns out to be not too bad of a deal!

Trevor is back in the job market. He does have a few options that are up in the air right now, but hopefully soon one of them will happen! But I have a job! Trev’s sweet sister-in-law, Anna, got me a temporary job with her work. And the great thing is I get to do it all from home! So far I’ve been helping update some website stuff and a little SEO. It’s good.

Besides job hunting, Trevor also keeps himself busy with Midsomer Murder Mysteries. We really like them. It’s a fun British mystery show that his parents got us hooked on. Trevor really likes graphs and charts, so printed out a list of all the episodes with little description about each one. And he’s been very thorough with keeping the list organized with his little orange highlighter. He's cute.


  1. you guys are so free! have a good thanksgiving! love ya. ps- trev sounds like mckay, both vveerryy thorough & attention to detail-ey.

  2. Good luck with the job hunt!!! Miss you!