Thursday, January 19, 2012


All growing up Ariel and I would write and play songs together. Loved every minute of it. Then we got older..married..and moved to different states. So we really haven't had the chance to play with each other for over 3 years? Something like that.

Over Christmas break Ariel was able to bring her guitar, so we of course played all of our songs plus our favorite covers. However, we both have slacked in our guitar playing over the years so our callouses were less than perfect, or in other words - they were gone. So our fingers KILLED and we weren't able to play as long as we once could.

So please keep that in mind as you listen/watch our songs. Some of our strumming is off, some chords are muted, and some words are missing. Oh well.

Better for Who?

Hey Love

Can anyone remember the name of this song??? I feel like it had something to do with Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure? Yes?


  1. Fantastic!!! Thank you for sharing.

  2. you made my night!! you two are so wonderful. i miss you soooOOO much lindsey and these songs made me soo nostalgic!!! <3

  3. I miss you two... I loved living with you and having you play all the time... you are so amazing! I am so glad you guys love your music... I hope you are well Lindsey! You too Ariel! ~ Katelynd A. Blake