Tuesday, September 18, 2012


This last month and a half has been cray cray. I was lucky enough to travel to 3 states to see all of my family VA to CA to OR to ID! That’s a lot of states in such a short amount of time. I so wish we all lived closer. How nice AND convenient that would be! But I’m grateful for cold terminals, stuffy road trips, and long flights that help me see my favorite people.

We had to squeeze all this vacation time in now before the elections kick in to full swing. So I’m glad Trevor was able to have some downtime before things get really busy.

Even though I loved seeing everyone, I’m so happy to be home, just Trevor and me.

Out of 17 pictures, can you believe this was the best we could get...

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  1. so attractive :)
    visiting family is always the best feeling huh. and i totally know how you feel when you say you wish you lived closer. i get it