Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tales of Veggies

Jim has a huge garden with tons of yummy veggies and he's always so kind to share with us. On Saturday, they set us up to can SALSA! They've got all the cool gadgets so it went fairly quick and it was fun :)

We're so proud of our pretty, little jars of salsa! Trevor wants me to note that we are not sharing...sorry :S

We also brought home a lot of of other treats. See our plunder:

And it doesn't stop in the kitchen..we've got onions, potatoes, and garlic on the floor too. Our house has been taken over by vegetables!! We're now busy bagging and freezing. We make A LOT of Mexican food, which takes just about everything we brought home, so we'll see how long this lasts us! Thanks Mom and Jim!


  1. JEALOUS! No about the salsa....but the veggies yes! Mmmm I so want to have an awesome garden like mom and Jim. They have this perfect dream garden. By the way, i don't know how I feel about Trevor being added to that picture of the three of least move him to the other side of the frame please.

  2. wow! that is amazing!! it's no big deal about trevor being added onto that picture... love it :)

  3. That is gorgeous! I am so jealous of all those fresh, delicious veggies you have! XO

  4. umm WHAT?!!! that is THE BEST!!!!! i'm so jealous!!!