Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving Anniversary

Thanksgiving left us stuffed for 4 days straight. That's probably because we never stopped eating, and that's not an exaggeration. My excuse was that I'm pregnant...don't know what Trevor's excuse was :)

I've kind of always thought of Thanksgiving as our real anniversary. It was 5 Thanksgiving's ago when we first held hands, which was a BIG DEAL! We weren't dating at the time when he and our friend Scott spent Thanksgiving week with my family and me. On the last night, after days of flirting, he finally held my hand at the end of a three hour movie! Our relationship was very slow coming, but that was exactly what both of us needed. Happy Thanksgiving Anniversary Trev!

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  1. Haha love the demon cat and equally demonic dad. Happy thanksgiving anniversary! How cute. I forgot about that, it's so cute that you guys held hands before any "real" date or profession of affection. :) <3