Sunday, December 2, 2012

Boise Temple

We have a temple again! The Boise Temple has been closed for full renovation, inside and outside, for the last year and a half, and now it is even more beautiful than before!

During the open house, we got to be ushers twice. The first time I had a great spot – Temple Entrance Greeter! Poor Trevor had a not so great spot. He had to be outside the whole time (4 hours) and it POURED that day. He was in his suit SOAKED, and had to go to work right after.

For the second night, I got placed right next to the exit and I was freeeeezing every time people opened the door, which was often. So I sought out Trevor to switch me places, with wherever his spot was. And where did I find him? Relaxing in a comfy seat in the beautiful bride’s room! So not fair. So he sweetly switched me. However, I then received a few, "You almost look old enough to be a bride!" funny...

We feel so blessed to have our temple again!


  1. you look ALMOST old enough to be a bride... haha! that's the best! and you are SO adorable in this picture. is that a baby bump i see?!!

  2. GREAT picture of you two! Lindsey, you look absolutely fantastic!

  3. that is hilarious!! you almost look old enough to be a bride! ha, what about a mother?! people are the funniest. that picture is so adorable. you two little love birds. i'm so thankful you two are going to the temple often... it is truly the place where heaven meets earth!