Monday, December 3, 2012


I've finally started to dress the bump, and this Sunday was the first time I showed it off! It was a little awkward when I'd talk to people and they'd quickly glance down at my belly and then quickly look back up and say nothing, over and over again. The look on their faces said, "I think she's pregnant...but I can't say anything...what if I'm wrong?!"

Also, our stroller/car seat came! True, we don't need them for a while, but it was Cyber Monday and the stroller we wanted was on sale! So we went ahead and got them. I was so excited when they arrived and begged Trevor to help me set them up. As soon as we took out the big stroller and all of it's parts out of the box, I realized that it was a bad idea and immediately had Trevor put it all away. It would have been a pain to set it up just to play with it for a few minutes and then disassemble and squeeze it back in the box. Either way, we now have two things crossed off our baby list!


  1. what a beautiful little bump. YAY!!!! what brand did you go with?! we are all about the foreign brands :)

  2. You looked so cute on Sunday :-)

  3. grow baby grow! Love your cute little bumb. lol to the people glancing at your belly :). I Love the stroller you got! I spent hours....yes hours at the store trying to pick between that one and the one I ended up getting (phil and teds). You'll love the one you got! And I'm so jealous that you are getting things done BEFORE you are like a week due. That will take a lot of stress off!