Thursday, August 22, 2013


Well we did it. We moved. And I learned a few things about myself during the move. I'm not as minimalistic nor unattached to things as I thought I was.

1 - minimalism. We thought that since we owned very little, that moving would be a breeze. So we planned on doing all of it by ourselves. After we loaded our little moving truck, we discovered that that we owned twice as much as we thought we did. Shoot! Meaning, unloading and carrying everything to the 2nd floor was going to be AWFUL all by ourselves. Thankfully, last minute my cousin agreed to help us unload. THANK YOU ANDREW! Hallelujah, because there was NO way I was going to be able to help Trevor get our couch up the stairs.

Our old home <3

2- unattached. Ever since my second year of college, I've moved every 3 months. And it's never been a big deal. I never felt attached to the apartments/areas. Then at this last place, we were there for two years! I'll admit I got a little emotional leaving our tiny, 1-bedroom apartment. Maybe because it was our first home together plus it was the place we brought Rosie home to? I don't know, but I was surprised how hard it was for me.

Our new view!

But now, we're in our new place, and I Looooooove it! We had a few places that we were trying to decide on, but I'm now so happy we chose this one. It has two bedrooms and now feels HUGE compared to our last place. Our last place was right next to the parking lot, which turned me into a very nosy neighbor. I did all of my work right next to the window and saw/heard everything that was going on. It was like a soap opera out there and I loved it, of course. But this new place is away from the parking lot and next to a quite, woodsy creek! So I guess I'll have to put my eaves dropping skills away for now.

I love the apartment, but I love having Trevor home longer even more! It's now just a 5 minute drive to work! The other day he came home for lunch and even had time to take a nap! Even though the move was a pain, and making a change was hard, I think this new place is going to be a good thing for us :]


  1. It would have been so much easier if you hadn't had to move the Millennial Falcon. That thing is HUGE.

  2. New chapter!! How exciting! I dream of a 2-bedroom! Congrats on the move :)

  3. LOL at so many things...
    First of all...A star wars ship? Is that being used on a regular basis miss minimalist?? (Ok I know you just said you aren't as minimalist as you thought....)
    Second. The eavesdropping...haha!
    Third. Rosie's smile in that picture with Trevor is so sweet, its like, Yay! I like it here! Its green!
    And I feel your pain, moving is so sad, especially when you have kiddos. I can remember all of the little details about random moments in different homes. Like the rug that Atlas took his first steps on. The way Urbans little cosleeper barely fit between my bed and the wall in that tiny house. Atlas's huge crib that we squeezed into our tiny bedroom and we tripped around it for almost a year before deciding that he was never going to sleep in it.
    Your new place looks great, I want to see more pictures! Or skype. Obviously. Geeze has it been that long??

  4. so happy you got a bigger place! and also all that other stuff. mostly i wanted to say that I LOVE to kill a mockingbird and Atticus Finch is the greatest.