Thursday, August 8, 2013

Roly Rosie

This little thAng learned to roll over on Sunday. But she's not an >ambi-turner quite yet, she can only turn left ;) But she's darn good at turning left.

So here's how my days go now:

  • I lay Rosie down on her back
  • She rolls over to her belly
  • She squeals out of excitement (she's so proud everytime)
  • I say "Nice work!"
  • 3 minutes later she starts to whine
  • I flip her over to her back
  • 20 seconds later she rolls over to her belly...and we start all over again. 

And that's pretty much my day, times 150.


  1. Do you just kick her over with your foot? that is what i would do. or you could have a padded stick

  2. lol with the ambi-turner :p.

  3. I can't even handle how cute she is. seriously.