Friday, October 11, 2013

Baby + Food

We introduced solid food to Rosie this month. I was nervous to give her something besides breast milk [and dirt off the carpet]for a lot of reasons: I felt confused about the what/when/how of solids and I didn't like the idea of stinky-er diapers. Plus solid food meant Rosie was growing up which made me a little sad. We finally gave in and she's now experienced avocado, apple, and sweet potato.

She's so fun to watch eat...even though it usually takes 5 mins for the food to get to her mouth (when she's feeding herself). Then with applesauce, she'll shiver with each bite she takes. It's so cute! Then this week I was eating an apple in front of her and she turned into a crazed maniac. I don't know what it was, but she looked like a zombie. She was OBSESSED and HAD to get to the apple. She's since calmed down and allows us to take turns:

We're looking forward to introducing her to all of the other yummy tastes out there!

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  1. Have you studied baby led weaning at all? It's about how we just introduce them to tastes and different foods to get them used to it, b breastmilk is still the main form of nutrition until a year. It really makes sense to me instead of shoving different cereal down their throats and processed "puffs" that just develop poor eating habits.... There's my two cents! :)