Monday, October 7, 2013

Past and Present Projects

I've been wanting to share a few of our past projects for awhile now. Right when I was done and ready to share, I had Rosie and forgot to post about them. So here they are!

Crochet! Rosie still hasn't used this blanket. It was too warm for spring and summer, but now that it's getting cool we're going to start using it.

Since we planned to cloth diaper, we decided to use cloth wipes too. And to save some money, we decided to make our own out of old, flannel sheets. We made 75+! Trevor did all of the cutting and most of the sewing! Go Trev! We've ended up using half for the diapers and the other half for baths and back up breast pads. They've turned out to be VERY useful.

I'm really proud of this chair! I looked around at stores and online for a nice glider, but the ones I liked were just too expensive. So I got a $20 glider from craigslist and $5 glider stool from the DI and decided to give re-purposing a try. A big part of me thought I'd get half way done and throw in the towel out of frustration (that's how most of my sewing projects end). But this turned out to be surprisingly easy! Half way through I thought to myself, "This seems too easy, am I doing something wrong?" But it worked! We originally planned on painting the wood white or something, but now that's Rosie's here, I doubt it'll happen.

And this is the latest project, Mooney! Rosie's bosom companion. They're so cute and snugly together. I made him from sweaters I bought at the thrift store and felted them myself aka - washed them on hot then threw them in the dryer. It was kind of a cool process. But in the end, it probably would have been cheaper/easier to just BUY some felt. We named him Mooney after Moon Boy - the show we watched while making him. This picture makes his legs look wonky, but I'm pretty sure they're even...or maybe not.


  1. A-dorable!! I want Italy! I'm so impressed; you have inspired me. I thought recovering a glider would be so hard but you've given me a little more confidence. It's all perfect!

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  3. Uh, I want it all! Not Italy. Although, Italy would be pretty cool too.

  4. OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I'm obsessed with Moony! I wish I had your sewing skills (or a machine) and could make one for my little one... Only the boy version of Moony, whatever that would look like! Look at you go you sewing goddess! I really wanted to cloth diaper but we don't have our own washing machine (we share with fellow tenants) and Mckay said that if he was a fellow tenant he'd be ticked if someone was washing poopy diapers in the machine he was using... which is a point I guess. I'm jealous that you use cloth. Maybe next place/baby we will too! XO

  5. i want moony for me too. I love it! I think little projects like that are more work than making a dress. Funny.

  6. and the blanket is so beautiful. And the chair is a million times better.