Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Five-Day Weekend

We spent most of last week up in Moscow, Idaho, for the Idaho Republican State Convention. Trevor's been planning it for almost a year and then spent the last month working 24/7 on it. We were lucky if we got to see Trevor for dinner. Rosie and I both really missed him. So, even though we knew he was going to be busy at the convention and wouldn't have time for us, we decided it'd be worth it to go just to be able to spend time with him on the 5.5 hr drive up. Which just so happens to be one of the prettiest drives out there. Idaho's a gem.

We were there Wednesday-Sunday, which gave Rosie and me more than enough time to know every detail about our hotel. I became buds with the hotel staff AND the construction team working on the hotel. I don't mind moseying around a hotel room, but Rosie didn't want to mosey. All she wanted to do was climb up and down the staircases. I think she has an unhealthy obsession with stairs. She could seriously climb stairs all day long.

I had some heavy things to unload from the car, so I asked Cindy, the woman in red, to hold Rosie for me. Governor Mike Huckabee was there and she made sure to get Rosie in a pic with him! Funny thing - since I had given Rosie to HER to watch, she didn't feel comfortable having Rosie be out of her arms, which is why Gov Huckabee and Cindy are BOTH holding her. Ha!

Then the next night I got to meet and get a pic with Senator Rand Paul! He even shared a photo collage with a pic of us on his Facebook page! Rosie's pouting because we won't let her play on the stairs. No joke.

Even though I could have worked while up in Moscow, I decided to take the 3 days off from work and it was JUST what I needed. I haven't had a vacation from work for a REALLY long time. Even when we travel I'm usually connected to work in some way, but I was totally off this time. I didn't answer ONE email. So for 3 days + the weekend, I had no work obligations and no housework obligations and I was able to totally zone in on Rosie and we were able to have some really sweet moments that I'll remember forever!


  1. Apparently Rand and Lindsey are hobbits...

  2. What a fun vacay! What do you do for work?
    & I am inspired by your photo challenge! Maybe I should do that with my camera... I'm slow to start using it, I've taken a handful of pictures, but I'm slightly scared of it. You're lucky photography skills are in your blood. Lovely pics.

    1. Nicki, you definitely should do a photo challenge! I was the same way, I had it for a month and just never took it out because it was too much effort to try to make it work. But the photo challenge was fun because it forced me to actually THINK about my camera ahead of time and THINK about what I wanted it to do. I'm excited to see your beautiful camera work. I still remember your beautiful black and white images hanging in our apartment!

  3. Gosh I didn't even know all of this! I'm definitely looking forward to catching up with you guys!! Four more days!!!!!!! I love that Rosie is pouting about the stairs in that pic. Baby problems. haha cutie.