Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Vaca pt 1: Rupert

Oh my goodness, the last 18 days were SO GREAT! It was non-stop family! The first half was spent in good ol' Rupert with my mom and step dad.

We played with chalk - what a mess! But Atlas drew a bunch of Rockets, Urban colored rocks, and Rosie walked around with her bucket. Just look at that hair.

Had a bonfire with my Aunt and cousin.

Ate way too many strawberries. Atlas and Urban were useless when it came to picking the berries. Atlas would only pick the ones that were perfect - big and bright red, and Urban didn't pick any and just ate 1 berry out of the bowl for every 2 I picked. Can't say I blame her because they were delicious.

We also tried to be JUST like our cousins. Rosie loved them. She followed them back and forth and back and forth. She's the runt of the group and got pushed around a bit, but that didn't slow her down one bit. It was just the BEST having us all together! And this was just the first 7 days of our trip! After Rupert, Ariel went up to Oregon and my clan went back to Boise for 2 days to recuperate before we made the trek to Oregon...more to come!

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  1. I'm totally ready to come and visit again, we had SUCH an amazing time!!! <3 Where are all of the cute little swimming pool pix hu?! Well these ones are all adorable :)