Saturday, July 25, 2015

Rainy Memorials

Trevor finished his first year of grad school and we were all SO happy about it. He didn't have an internship lined up right away, which was a little stressful for him but super nice for Rosie and me. We were able to have Trevor to ourselves for a whole month! We played a lot and he was able to work on my long honey-do-list (the nesting phase started early for me this time around).

He did end up finding the right internship. He's working at a cool political tech start-up. They do data driven software and services geared towards campaigns, PACs, and other political organizations. The only downside is that it's in Arlington, VA. With his internship only being for a couple of months, and since it's so expensive to live up there, we decided it'd be best for Rosie and me to stay behind in Williamsburg and for him to go up alone. We were lucky enough for him to find a pretty sweet set up for him to live. He's renting from an empty nester couple that he found through our church. It's cheap rent, close to work (no awful DC traffic to deal with), and he gets his own room and kitchen-like area. So it's pretty perfect. It's been hard being away from each other but we make sure to video chat often and visit on the weekends.

On the first weekend we were there, we decided to tour the monuments. I did it once before with Trev way back when he was interning there for his undergrad, but for some reason I was decided to visit DC the week of Obama's it was CRAZY busy, freezing, and some of the monuments were either blocked off for different events/concerts, or getting maintenance. So I thought it would be fun to do the monument walk re-do. Plus this lazy pregnant lady needed some exercise.

Me: Take her out so she's standing next to him
Trev: No, if we leave her in her stroller they can both be sitting in their little seats
Me: *eye roll*

I had looked at the DC weather forecast before packing and it said thunderstorms. But since Rosie will only wear dresses and I'd rather wear nothing with it being so hot/humid, I didn't pack anything for the rain...BIG mistake. Once we got to the Jefferson Memorial, which is almost the farthest away from the Smithsonians, it began to POUR. I honestly don't know what I was thinking not packing for the weather on this trip. It never seems to just rain in Virginia, it only pours, so I don't know why I was surprised. So we ran as fast as my pregnant body would allow us to the closet Smithsonian. The only problem was that EVERYONE wanted to take shelter - duh. So we stood in line, in the pouring rain for about 15 minutes waiting to get in. We were drenched, cold, and very uncomfortable. Except Rosie, who was snug and dry in her blanket and stroller!


  1. Oh man, look how cute little Miss Rosie is!

  2. Oh man, look how cute little Miss Rosie is!

  3. Lazy lady . . . yeah right! I carried the bags you packed through the airport!!!! Nothing lazy about that. and a baby stroller. and a toddler.