Sunday, August 9, 2015

Ro Ro

-Almost 2 and a half

-Loves to dance

-Not ready to be potty trained. I was so excited to try the 3-day method, thinking we're totally going to rock this and Rosie is going to have this thing down in 2.5 days! Yeah right! It was awful, stressful, and messy. We threw in the towel after 2.5 days. Poor Rosie was so stressed out about it she wasn't sleeping well and her eyes were all red :( After a couple days of potty training I really loved the idea of diapers. We've had a little break and we plan on trying again soon...yay...

-Loves her new doll house that I found on the side of the road!!! I'm still so excited about it.

-Still loves the mirror.

-Had a tick. We're one of those parents that lets their kid run around outside in just their diaper. Yes, I know...well we usually check for ticks, but I guess we checked too quickly because the next morning Trevor did another check and found a little dot hiding on Rosie's lower back! Hidden behind her diaper! Since neither one of us were confident that we could remove it ourselves, we decided to take her into an Urgent Care unit. I'm glad we did because the tick was so small the doctor had to switch her tweezers to the needle tweezers. She then prescribed antibiotics as a precaution. I believe in antibiotics when necessary, but the way the Dr prescribed the medication was very nonchalant and left us wondering if it was really necessary since for an adult a tick needs to be on you for 24hrs...or something like that to get Lyme disease. But since Rosie's not an adult we weren't sure if that changed things...anyway, we went back and forth on what we should do and finally decided to go ahead with the antibiotics. We figured that any reaction she would have to the antibitics would be better than her catching lyme disease since there isn't really treatment. (The last time I was on antibiotics I got really woozy and developed thrush). On day 13 of the antibiotics, hives formed on the trunk of her body, we gave her a little benadryl (which is a whole other headache - all of the nurses and pharmacists we talked to told us to give her benadryl but no one would give us a dosage!) Benadryl seemed to help, but by the next day, the 4th of July, the rash had spread and her whole body was covered! Her poor little face was all swollen. So, we took her BACK to urgent care where they informed us that she is allergic to amoxicillin. They then gave her a steroid shot. This was her first shot ever and I was so impressed with how she handled it! She didn't like it, but there were no tears! Anyway, 3 days later she seemed to be mostly back to her regular sweet self.

-She loves to socialize and doesn't need my help to do so. One day while I was dropping her off at nursery, I set her down, she began to run off, realized I was still in the room, then promptly turned around and gave me a light push towards the door..."You can leave mom, I've got this."

-Can climb out of her crib so we've moved her to a bed. She's been handling the transition so well! It's so adorbable seeing this little body in a big bed each night. It makes her looks so little and so grown up all at the same time.

LOVES to color. Seriously LOVES it. She can color for hours and she has the COOLEST technique where she makes little scribbles with different colors. See below. It's beautiful! I have a Winnie the Pooh coloring page that has colorful little scribbles all over. I plan on framing it.

-I try to do most of my work while Rosie's sleeping, but with me being so pregnant nowadays I find myself napping when she's napping, PLUS I'm trying to get ahead of some projects so they'll be ready when I start maternity leave...which means I have to work during "wake" hours more often. So she's had a bit more television time than I would have liked, but she's so cute while she watches her favorite movies. She gets so excited and animated. This is her watching Monsters Inc. Happens every time those big, friendly monsters walk onto the scare floor.


  1. She is so seriously stinking adorable! Miss you guys!

  2. You guys have furniture?? And one beautiful kid. The hives pic was so sad . . . glad she is ok. I just want to add for posterity that she covers her face when she poops hahaha. So cute.