Sunday, August 30, 2015


Whenever our company makes it's numbers for the year, we get to go on a trip. About 3 years ago the company was going to Maui but Trevor couldn't go with me because of his work :( So I took my Mom instead. I had an absolute blast with my mom but felt bad being in paradise without my husband, so I really, REALLY wanted Trevor to go with me this time. And miraculously, his internship let him go! I was completely shocked!

We decided to not take Rosie with us because I can only imagine what kind of hellion she would have turned into while being 6 time zones behind her regular schedule. She's a crank pot if she's just an HOUR behind. BUT at the same time I couldn't imagine NOT having her with me! I had only been away from her for 1 night, so it gave me major anxiety thinking about being separated for a whole week! I feel anxious all over again just typing this!

But she was in good hands with my sister and her 3 cousins. Trevor was interning in DC, so Rosie and I flew out to Austin and spent a few days there so she could get adjusted to her surroundings with me there. When Ariel dropped us off at the airport, I thought for sure Rosie would be upset that she wasn't coming with was quite the opposite. Instead of Rosie breaking down into tears I broke down. It was so much harder saying goodbye than I thought it would be! Would she be alright? What if something happens and I don't make it back to her? What if she cries for me every night? What if, what if, what if?!!?!?!? Rosie wasn't questioning anything, so I walked into the airport all teary and red nosed...and then my day just got better...NOT.

The plan was to meet Trevor in San Diego, then together we'd fly out to Maui. I bought my tickets to San Diego through Expedia. All over my ticket it said American Airlines with American Airlines' logo all over the page. So, naturally, I waited in line at American Airlines (for 30 minutes!)....turns out in very fine print it says "US Airways." WHAT?! So I RUN to US Airways, but by then I was 5 minutes late after they lock the computers. Meaning, I missed my flight. I lost it. I started to shamelessly sob in the middle of the airport in front of everyone. I had been so stressed leading up to this trip, I was 30+ weeks pregnant, and I just said goodbye to my was such a hopeless moment for me. (I know, poor Lindsey, she's on her way to Hawaii). Oh, and to top all off, since I'm pregnant I prefer to opt out of the full-body scanner and get a pat-down, which really doesn't bother me, but TSA made me wait almost 30 minutes while at least 20 families walked through the metal detector. The funny thing was that I had JUST given a lesson in Relief Society about seeing the Lord's Hands in our Lives. Ha!

In the end, everything worked out. It looked like we were going to have to pay an extra $400+ to change our flights, but the airlines were SO helpful and made all of the changes for free! We did end up having to get a hotel in San Diego, but even they gave us almost a 40% off discount PLUS upgraded our room.

Anyway, that was the only eventful part of our trip. Once we got to Hawaii, all we did was relax! By choice and by default. Since I was so far along in the pregnancy, there wasn't really anything I COULD do. I wasn't even allowed on a Pineapple tour! Sheesh!

But that's OK, because my main desire for this trip was to eat and sleep. The restaurant above is called the Gazebo and my Mom and I LOVED it last time, so I insisted that we eat there every morning on this trip. At first I think Trevor thought that sounded silly, but after the first day, he understood why. It's sooooo good!

We got a lot of snorkeling in too. It's against the law to touch the sea turtles, but it's actually more work to NOT touch them than it is to touch them. They swim SO close to you that we were constantly trying to move out of their way!

It was so weird not having Rosie with us. I missed her like crazy for the first few days, but it thankfully got a little easier as the days went on. Then it was just weird. Weird to be able to just sit still. Weird to not always be checking on her or chasing after her.

We spent an entire day just reading! I can't remember the last time I've been able to do that. Read a book with out being interrupted? Weird, right?

One morning we drove to the top of one of the volcanoes to watch the sunrise. There were clouds all around us, then once the sun started to break through, someone began singing a native Hawaiian song. It was pretty magical.

Trevor wanted a "bump" picture too.

Being in Hawaii was amazing, but being just Trevor and Lindsey was even better. We never take date nights so it was so good for us to just reconnect and have a moment to ourselves before the baby comes. We're definitely going to make date nights a priority going forward!

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  1. Love this! Brought back great memories :) So glad it all worked out so well, except for the airport trauma - that memory still gives me chills!