Saturday, December 29, 2012


So remember this, how I couldn't go on a cruise and how we were trying to figure out how to make a new vacation work with our plane tickets we were stuck with? Well we finally came up with a plan. We first threw around the idea of going to Orlando and Miami and visiting Harry Potter World (or whatever it's called), but decided against it. Orlando didn't seem hot enough, plus the theme parks were EXPENSIVE and I couldn't go on any rides, and Trevor wasn't thrilled about Miami (though I would have been happy there). Sooooo we went to Cancun! It actually ended up being cheaper to go to Mexico than stay in Florida. Go figure.

We still really wanted to use our cruise flights, so we flew from Idaho to Florida to Mexico, probably not the best use of our time. And since we're experts at sleeping on airport floors, we decided to camp out at the Orlando airport - 4th airport we've slept in! It wasn't too bad.

Funny story - we were almost done with going through customs, when 3 of the security gards gathered and started talking in Spanish while staring at me suspiciously. They then pointed at my belly and said, "What are you carrying?" Me: "Umm, I'm pregnant." I then had to pull up my shirt and show them. Luckily I had some maternity pants on (which are heaven by the way) and didn't have to show them my skin.

Baby girl's first vacation! She and I felt great the entire trip :)

Trevor played a little water basketball and a lot of beach volleyball. He rocked at both.

I, on the other hand, was not quite as active. I was pretty much just like this the entire trip. Guzzling all the virgin Pina Colada that I wanted. And it was perfect! Exactly what I wanted to do.

Though Trevor did find a few moments to relax too.

Trevor could literally spend hours in the treats sections of Latin American grocery stores. He was like that in Costa Rica too. He just gets so giddy seeing all of his favorite treats and has a story to tell for each one. Cutie.

We spent one evening exploring downtown, and we picked a great night to do it. They were having some sort of Christmas celebration around their city hall with a live band playing music Christmas music, a little ice skating rink, and lots of food booths. It was a lot of fun. Trevor bought a few treats. One was esquite - which is pretty much just like vomit. The taste and texture - YUCK! But he seemed to enjoy it.

It was a fabulous Babymoon. I can't even count how many times we've both said, "Can we go back to Mexico now?" We are now well rested and relaxed for our baby girl to come! 12 more weeks!


  1. You are so cute pregnant!

  2. just the TINIEST big jealous of your BABYMOON!!! i can't wait to see this adorable bb!!